Taking it all off

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Mary Gonzales

Mary Gonzales

I’d been thinking about doing it for awhile and then one morning my husband asked me, When are you going to cut your hair short?

See, I used to wear my hair short in my twenties. I enjoyed it back then but honestly, trying to grow it out was hard. I’d have to get pass certain stages, eventually I would lose patience and cut it off. I only remember wearing shorter styles and never wearing it long. Then one day, I made up my mind to grow it out. I made the best of the awkward stages and pinned and curled my way to long hair. (It takes about two years) When I got there I discovered that my hair was not like the others. My hair would grow to a certain length and that was it. It would look thin and limp. No matter what I tried I could not get it to be long, full bodied and healthy looking.

Until hair extensions. Hair extensions gave me the length and added volume that I diidn’t have naturally. I loved it right away and was hooked! Finally, I had the the kind of hair I always wanted! For the last few years I have played around with various methods of attachment and types of hair extensions but that is the subject of a future post.

Now as things have a tendency to do, they change. And I started getting bored with braids and did’t want to spend the time it takes to blow it out, curl it and maintain it. And because I had been thinking about it for awhile and because Dominic asked me “that” question. (He has only seen me with short hair in pictures) I cut it off, all off.

Wow! So liberating! I feel free, renewed and low maintenance. With nothing to hide behind, I feel exposed and a little bit courageous. I love the change and look forward to the evolution of my style as I wear it short awhile. Do I miss my long hair? Not at the moment but I’m sure I’ll eventually grow it out again. Change is the only constant and that keeps hairdressers in business. This time I will try to embrace the in between stages with grace. A friend of mine said to me recently Mary, you look like you did in your twenties! WT? If I knew it was going to take off that many years, I would have done it sooner!

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